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The Olympus Difference

We import the absolute finest dogs europe has to offer

We are the largest kennel training facilities of it's kind, which in turn provides a higher caliber of dogs for your investment. What differentiate us from others who train and sell trained dogs? Is our experience, attention to detail and encouraged follow up availability. How functional and how the training is integrated in your home and everyday life, is streamlined with our experience in selecting the right dog or puppy for your family. Our specialized training program and techniques used within the program, make the difference. All the difference.

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Company Overview

Founded in 1980 by Pando and Chris Stepanis

We started out as helping pet owners with behaviour concerns and quickly led to the formation of Olympus Security & Investigations. Olympus K9 division expanded to become one of the top three largest K9 Security providers in Canada. Olympus has become the "Go To" company for consultation regarding K9 services protocols to other firms.

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