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Police Training and Certifications

All for what most would pay for just the dog

Why Law Enforcer's Choose Us

We offer a complete canine program that will meet and surpass all of your expectations. Our program is designed to provide you with a level of training that can be funded and maintained to the highest intensity for a fraction of the cost. This is done with an intensive 10 to 25 day course covering many topics not provided in most other 12-16 week departmental programs.

Our Focus

Is not merely to offer a handler's course with each dog, it is to provide the basis of a trainer's course' to teach the fundamentals allowing your handler to effectively and independently initiate maintenance training and problem solving. Our instructors have MASTER Trainer status and are K9 Behaviour specialists, current law enforcement or retired individuals specializing in various areas.

What We Provide


The Handler?s

Follow Up Maintenance


How To Get Started

A contract service agreement is drawn up and submitted for approval with all aspects of responsibilities, expectations and guarantees. Additions, concerns, and amendments are welcomed and encouraged.

Prior to the arrival of your handler working with us, your canines have already been

Vet checked

Our Training

Departmental programs can be long, expensive, labour intensive and without guarantees. Rather than spending time on dog training we can focus on working as a team and on areas related to deployment and field work

Areas of preliminary K9 training



Search patterns

Imprinting of odours

Eliciting drives

Criminal apprehension


Hard surface tracking

Evidence recovery

Building & Area searches

Field work and deployment strategies


Search techniques

Scent patterns

Practical scenario training

K9 psychology theory