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Pando has an extensive background in K9 training and behavior which is evident in the dogs he trains which are always of the highest caliber

Russell Fox

V.P. Canada

The knowledge, skills and experience exhibited by Mr. Stepanis have been instrumental with ongoing maintenance training issues including tracking and protection work.

Joseph Tomei

Chief of Police - Orangeville Police Services

I attended a three-day helper seminar and certification conducted by Pando Stepanis, and two of his colleagues from the Ontario Schutzhund Association.

Marc Lapointe

Canine Training - Ontario Provincial Police
On behalf of Constable Tom Dellelce, Bandit, and the Orangeville Police Service we wish to acknowledge... your commitment and generous support. Thank you for your partnership in Community Based Policing

Joseph. Tomei

Chief of Police - Orangeville Police Service

In addition to his excellent accomplishments in dog training, and competition accomplishments, has proven his leadership ability by organizing seminars, competitions, and other training events locally..., provincially and nationally. Pando is a well respected person within his field and among his peers.

John Peppler #6196

Detective Constable - Halton Regional Police

I write this letter to highly recommend Pando Stepanis for the position of Master Trainer in the NAPCH... Organization. I was fortunate to work with Pando extensively during the 2009 NAPCH Nationals. I witnessed firsthand Pando's knowledge and ability to assist fellow K9 team members in the area of Aggression Control and Obedience. Pando possesses a knowledge that has obviously come from years of working and teaching/training in the K9 field. I believe Pando would be a true asset to the NAPCH Organization and represent us well in Canada as one of our Master Trainers.

Tom Stevenson

Executive Board Member - NAPCH

I Paul Dyer am an Ontario provincial police office (OPP) for 30 years now, the last 10 years has been in the K9 unit... I would consider Pando and Olympus to be a person and firm of high moral and ethical standards. With his extensive experience in K9 behavior and law enforcement K9 applications and detection work, I would have no problem supporting his application as master trainer for NAPCH.

Paul Dyer

OPP K9 unit - NAPCH member

Pando Stepanis of Olympus Security and Investigations has been one of but a few corporate sponsors/partners of the Orangeville Police Service K9 program. Mr. Stepanis has provided to us his expertise in the following areas; Handler instruction, K9 trouble shooting/management, K9 behavior modification, K9 tactical scenario training, and Tracking. Mr. Stepanis?s passion/expertise and dedication to K9 training is rare and leaves no doubt in my mind... that Mr. Stepanis is a leader in his field.

Tom Dellelce #72

Police Constable - Orangeville Police Services

I own a dog training company called "Good Dog Training. I called Pando Stepanis at Olympus Dog Training Academy and we talked at length about his philosophy and his experience, which confirmed my decision to choose this school. I have learned so much. The in-depth knowledge and hands-on training with dogs with behavioral problems has been fantastic... I have really enjoyed attending the Olympus Dog Training classes for trainers, and have found that the information and handling skills I have learned have been invaluable to my business, and myself, by giving me the education and skills to be able to help people out with the issues they are having with their pets.

Valerie lvak

Good Dog Training School